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Contact Lenses


Initial Assessment, Trial and Fitting

Before considering contact lenses, it is important that any prospective wearer has an up to date spectacle prescription. This prescription may be provided by ourselves or from elsewhere and should be no more than 1 year old.

The initial assessment itself is absolutely painless and includes: a detailed examination of the front of the eyes, measurements of the curvature of both corneas, a discussion, and (if suitable) the choice of an initial lens type, chosen according to your lifestyle and requirements.

A trial gives you the chance to try contact lenses for several weeks before deciding if they are appropriate for you. Our FREE trial is available with all forms of disposables, and includes the initial assessment and fitting, instruction on application, removal and aftercare, and a follow up visit.   


FREE TRIAL on all Disposable Contact lenses

Our FREE trial gives you the chance to try contact lenses before deciding if they are right for you.

free trial on all contact lenses
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