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Contact Lens Overview

At Corry & Christie we are committed to providing high levels of clinical care, quality products and competitive prices for our clients.

Being truly Independent we are able to supply all types and brands of contact lenses (and are happy for you to continue with a particular brand when relocating to us).

Since regular aftercare is the key to successful contact lens wear, we have aftercare schemes which entitle clients to a wide range of clinical benefits in addition to discounts determined by the level of aftercare chosen.

Broadly speaking the lenses we use may be grouped into the following categories:

Daily Disposable - These lenses are ideal for both comfort and convenience. They can be worn as little or as often as you want and as they are thrown away after each wear, no solution or cleaning is required.

Monthly/Fortnightly Disposable - These are excellent value soft lenses ideal for the everyday contact lens wearer. They do require cleaning with solution at the end of each day

Extended/Flexi Wear - New contact lens materials can allow safe continuous wear for up to 30 nights. They can be suitable for those who have non-stop lifestyles or work shifts.

Multifocal Lenses - These lenses have improved significantly in recent years, and for the right patient can offer clear vision at all distances – near far and intermediate.

Coloured Lenses - These can be ideal if you fancy a new look or want to create an impact

Conventional and Specialist Lenses - These are non-disposable soft or gas permeable lenses which can be tailor-made to the exact needs of the patient, often giving excellent results.


Initial Assessment, Trial and Fitting

Before considering contact lenses, it is important that any prospective wearer has an up to date spectacle prescription. This prescription may be provided by ourselves or from elsewhere and should be no more than 1 year old.

The initial assessment itself is absolutely painless and includes: a detailed examination of the front of the eyes, measurements of the curvature of both corneas, a discussion, and (if suitable) the choice of an initial lens type, chosen according to your lifestyle and requirements.

A trial gives you the chance to try contact lenses for several weeks before deciding if they are appropriate for you. Our FREE trial is available with all forms of disposables, and includes the initial assessment and fitting, instruction on application, removal and aftercare, and a follow up visit


It is essential that all contact lens wearers receive regular contact lens check-ups (aftercare) to ensure minimum risk of complications.

Following a successful trial/fitting, we strongly recommend that you join one of our aftercare schemes (Premier or Standard). These schemes have been introduced to provide members with a comprehensive level of clinical benefits ensuring their future safety, comfort and quality of vision. In addition they entitle members to substantial discounts off spectacles, sunglasses, solutions and other products.

Golden Rules for Contact lens wear

The risk of any complications or eye infections as a result of contact lens wear is extremely low and is usually the result of poor hygiene. Risk is also increased for smokers and for wearers who sleep or swim with their lenses in.

Your chance of developing a problem can be reduced by following some simple golden rules:

  • Visit us regularly for check-ups
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses exactly as advised
  • Ensure your hands are clean when handling your lenses
  • Replace your lenses regularly as directed
  • Never rinse your lenses with tap water
  • Don’t sleep in lenses
  • Don’t swim with contact lenses unless you are wearing watertight goggles
  • Don’t wear your lenses if you are suffering from a heavy cold or flu
  • Replace your lens case at least every 3 months



FREE TRIAL on all Disposable Contact lenses

Our FREE trial gives you the chance to try contact lenses before deciding if they are right for you.

free trial on all contact lenses
Please contact us to book your appointment now.

Contact Lenses
Emergency Contacts

If it's outside normal practice hours and your eyes are still painful several hours after removal of your lenses, Corry and Christie patients can phone our 24 hour emergency numbers:

tel no 07708 110188 or 07429 280153
  Please Note: For Emergencies Only